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Todd Harry 2023 Animation Reel
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Shot List: (noted animations by Todd Harry)
Shot 1. Tentacle animation
Shot 2. Tentacle animation, small robot 
Shot 3-9. Controlled character animation
s (spider & warthog)
Shot 10. Creature animation
Shot 11. Firefly, dragon & camera animatio
Shot 12. Lion creature & camera animation
Shot 13-15. Controlled & AI creature animations (Lion only)
Shot 16-18. Controlled 
creature animations (ice fox)
Shot 19-22. Giant turtle creature animation
Shot 23-25 All character
Shot 26. Spider creature animation
Shot 27. All 
Shot 28. Spider creature animation

Music by Stan Getz and Charlie Byrd "E Luxo So"
Video source information available on request

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