Todd Harry

Senior Animator



To combine more than 10 years of experience in animation and my love of video games to create great user experiences in a collaborative environment.

Work History


Studio Wildcard | Redmond, WA | 2018-Present

Senior Animator

  • Human and creature animation

  • Cinematic animation

  • First person camera animation

  • Rig tuning and feedback


FishyTale Digital, Inc | Bellevue, WA | 2016-2017

Senior Animator

  • Character animation for mobile platforms

  • Animation task scheduling

  • Outsource management

  • Project prototyping

  • Cinematic animation


Unity Technologies | Redmond, WA | 2015-2016

Senior Animator (contract)

  • Realistic NPC animation for VR

  • Collaborated with design to deliver unique VR Experience

  • Collaborated with developers to establish & troubleshoot implementation pipeline

  • Contributed to animation feedback & critique sessions

  • Cinematic animation

Microsoft (via Aquent) | Redmond, WA | 2015, 2013-2014

Character Animator (contract)

  • Human & creature animation

  • Playable and non-playable character animation

  • Locomotion & combat animation

  • Implemented new characters into engine

  • Cinematic animation

  • Rigging & skin weights

  • Collaborated with other disciplines to fulfill design vision & create promotional material

  • Character prototyping

Smashing Ideas | Seattle, WA | 2014-2015

Technical Artist/Rigger/Animator (contract)


  • Character & prop animation

  • Project prototyping

  • Character & model implementation

  • Pipeline documentation

  • Rigging & skin weighting

  • Outsource management

Amaze Ent/Griptonite Games/Glu Mobile | Kirkland, WA | 2007-2012

  • Human, creature & prop animation ranging from realistic to stylized

  • Playable and non-playable animation

  • Combat & locomotion animation

  • Cinematic animation

  • Rigging & skin weighting for many character types

  • Animation task scheduling

  • Defined look & feel of animation

  • Character & model implementation

  • Outsource management

  • Collaborated with other animators and participated in feedback sessions

  • Adapted to short project deadlines

  • Worked with clients and publishers to deliver licensed titles

  • Project prototyping


Software Knowledge

Autodesk Maya, Unity, Motion Builder, Perforce, Visual Studio, Adobe Photoshop, Clip Studio Paint, Adobe Audition



Character Animation, Cinematic Animation, Motion Capture, Combat Animation, Cycles, Hand-keyed Animation, Rigging, Skinning/Weighting, Prototyping, Scheduling, Mentoring, Realistic Animation, Stylized Animation, Biped Animation, Creature Animation

Shipped Titles

Project Spark (Windows 81, XBone), Where the Wild Things Are (360, PS3, Wii, PS2), X-men Origins: Wolverine (Wii), Assassins Creed II Discovery (DS, IOS), Spiderman Shattered Dimensions (DS), Captain America: Super Soldier (DS), Kung Fu Panda 2 (DS), Penguins of Madagascar Dr Blowhole Returns Again (DS), Lil Kingdom (IOS, Android), Samurai VS Zombies (IOS, Android), Samurai VS Zombies 2 (IOS, Android), Enchant U (IOS, Android) Lyle Little Books 1 & 2 (IOS)



Henry Cogswell College Everett, WA

BA in Digital Arts & Animation


University of WA experimental college
Classes in Acting and Improv
Classes in Motion Capture