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Todd Harry

Character Animator


Skills Summary


Proficient in character, item, and weapon animation for animation ranging from hyper-stylized to realism.

Knowledgeable on animation and rigging pipelines including asset implementation for multiple engines (eg. Unreal, Unity, proprietary).


Has Taken lead roles on multiple projects. Animation adjacent; has been an instructor and leader in dance community for 15 years.

Professional Experience

Studio Wildcard | Redmond, WA/Remote | 2018-Present

Senior Animator

  • Authored realistic & responsive AAA animations for historic and mythological playable creatures and human characters.

  • Organized and participated in critique sessions and tool pipeline walkthroughs with animators and technical artists.

  • Collaborated with Designers and Engineers to ensure look and feel of characters once in engine.

Shipped Titles Ark Survival Ascended, Ark: Live Content (PC & Console) Ark: Genesis Part 1 (PC & Console), Ark: Genesis Part 2 (PC & Console), Ark: Extinction (PC & Console), Atlas (PC & Console)


FishyTale Digital, Inc | Bellevue, WA | 2016-2017

Lead Animator

  • Created stylized cinematic animations for read-along storybook for apple devices.

  • Worked with other discipline leads and outsourcing to provide feedback for animation related models and rigs.

  • Helped producers by communicating with other animators to provide estimates for work, while maintaining quality during short sprints.

Shipped Titles Lyle Little Books 1 & 2 (IOS)

Unity Technologies | Redmond, WA | 2015-2016

Senior Animator

  • Delivered animations for a stylized realism VR experience using the HTC Vive.

  • Communicated with production and character art team to set expectations for deadlines and ensure as few bottlenecks as possible between teams.

  • Innovated with design to develop satisfying player movement within a virtual space to create an enjoyable experience for newcomers to VR.

Shipped Titles (none)


Microsoft (via Aquent) | Redmond, WA | 2015, 2013-2014

Character Animator

  • Hand keyed stylized character animation for playable & non-playable biped and creatures

  • Worked with design team to create combat animations and attack combos that looked and felt good on both playable and non-playable versions of each character.

  • Brought characters from start to finish in the animation pipeline, including rigging, prototyping, animating, implementing into engine, and tuning.

Shipped Titles Project Spark (PC, XB one)


Smashing Ideas | Seattle, WA | 2014-2015

Technical Artist/Rigger/Animator

  • Worked with project lead and lead engineer to establish project goals and deliverables on a short timeline.

  • Created, supported, and documented custom rig for squash and stretch style character.

  • Communicated with animation, modeling, and engineering teams to ensure the pipeline between departments was as seamless as possible.

Shipped Titles Phillips Sonicare for Kids (IOS, Android)

Amaze Ent/Griptonite Games/Glu Mobile | Kirkland, WA | 2007-2012


  • Created rigs & animations spanning from realistic to hyper-stylized characters for projects on all platforms of the time, with production schedules ranging from 2 months to 2 years.

  • Collaborated with teams of different disciplines to create quality licensed content that conformed to brand standards including Warner Brothers, Marvel Studios, Dreamworks & Ubisoft

  • Participated in development of games and characters from the planning & prototype phase to launch.

Shipped Titles Samurai VS Zombies 2 (IOS, Android), Enchant U (IOS, Android), Samurai VS Zombies (IOS, Android), Lil Kingdom (IOS, Android), Penguins of Madagascar: Dr Blowhole Returns Again (Nintendo DS), Kung Fu Panda 2 (NDS), Captain America: Super Soldier (NDS), Spiderman Shattered Dimensions (NDS), Assassins Creed II Discovery (NDS, IOS), X-men Origins: Wolverine (Wii), Where the Wild Things Are (XB 360, PS3, Wii, PS2)


Software Knowledge

Autodesk Maya, Unity, Unreal Engine, Motion Builder, Perforce, Visual Studio, Softimage XSI, Adobe Photoshop, Clip Studio Paint, Adobe Audition, Houdini


Bachelor of Art | Digital Arts & Animation | Henry Cogswell College Everett, WA | 2006

Acting and Improv | University of WA Experimental College | 2013

Motion Capture | | 2017

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